Air warm as blood
so hot it blurs my vision
comfortable as second skin
insects fly in frenzied precision.

Leaves nod slowly in the leaden breeze
The bird calls are hypnotic
they fly in seeming erratic paths
their guides unknown to me.

chipmunks blurt high-pitched percussive
my skin a mixture; ground cover & sweat
This grove of trees casts a sleeping spell
irresistible to the flesh.

Someone instructed me as I slept
deep pools of subtle wisdom
the voice did it’s best to instill in me
with mixed results, the total sum.

It came not as words
but as a saner state
covered with a canopy of grace.

Awakening now I realize why
they seduced me into sleep;
to cleanse me of my fears,
calm spreads over me.

Slowly growing,
like creeping vines
the peace of the trees
I too, claim as mine.

My troubled journey’s end
refreshed and renewed I begin again.
This time in pace with a loving world
like a surge of wind to a sail unfurled.

-David E. Mynott II, 6/91