image of david mynott

The artist

As an illustrator, designer, painter & photographer, the realism in my work reflects an attention to the inner and outer details and ‘beingness’ of nature, architecture and the human form.

An artist since earliest memory, David is also a musician, graphic designer, poet & photographer. He offers both original works of art, & affordable, archival-quality reproductions of said original artworks.

A 20 year resident & alumnus of the Piano Factory artist’s colony, and MassArt graduate, this Boston artist has exhibited both in MA and NH. The realism in his work reflects an attention to the inner and outer details of nature, architecture, and the human form. His love of landscapes stems from his upbringing as the son of a forester and an environmentalist. His portraiture, and all his creative works aim at reflecting the broader view of the ‘Self’ rather than merely it’s vehicle, the physical form. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings serve as his inspiration.

In general, David specializes in Portraiture, Landscapes & Architectural Renderings­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­—including private homes. However, he can render just about anything. His mediums choices are broad. Among them are: pencil, charcoal, print-making, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, & oil.

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